Ted Cruz Unleashes a Powerhouse Criticism on Biden’s Top Man

Ted Cruz Unleashes a Powerhouse Criticism on Biden's Top Man

Ted Cruz Unleashes a Powerhouse Criticism on Biden’s Top Man


When Republicans won control of the House, one of their first promises was to ensure that Democrats and Joe Biden were held accountable. Rapidly, they established a committee that is now conducting an investigation into the government’s use of armed forces. Leading Republicans are investigating the degree to which the left has politicized various federal agencies.

They are going to focus their attention on the Department of Justice first and foremost. The Department of Justice under Biden’s leadership has been abusing its power in order to assist Democrats politically. The vast majority of Americans are well aware of that fact. But Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican, believes that should merely be the beginning of the conversation. He calls for resignations, and he believes the head of the Department of Justice should be the first one.


In a recent book, Senator Ted Cruz lambasted former President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), detailing how the DOJ, CIA, and FBI have been used by the left to target their enemies.

Cruz wants the investigations into these agencies to go even further now that they are going to be conducted by Republicans in the House. He singled out Attorney General Merrick Garland, who is one of Biden’s highest-ranking officials. Cruz demanded Garland’s removal from office after leveling allegations of bribery against him.


Cruz referred to Garland, who was once considered by President Obama for a position on the Supreme Court, as the “most political” attorney general in our nation’s history. Cruz is of the opinion that Garland is not working to uphold justice but rather is using the authority of his agency to advance a political agenda.

Not too long ago, former Attorney General Bill Barr expressed a sentiment very similar to this one. He disclosed that the “deep state” is actually a number of high-ranking Democrats working in the Department of Justice who are pursuing political goals. These officials are not concerned with making arrests but rather with figuring out how they can safeguard the agenda of the left within the government.

In the meantime, there is an influx of dangerous immigrants crossing the border, crime rates are skyrocketing in major cities, and millions of people in the United States feel unsafe in their own country.

But will there be an attempt to impeach Garland? It all comes down to the findings of the investigations being conducted by the Republicans in the House. Should they uncover sufficient evidence that points to Garland’s involvement in corrupt activities, they could very well issue articles of impeachment against him.


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