RFK Jr.’s VP pick is a dream for Trump


Here is what’s going on: RFK Jr., an independent presidential candidate, announced yesterday at a campaign event that began with a Native American land acknowledgment that he has selected 38-year-old Silicon Valley lawyer and businesswoman Nicole Shanahan to join his ticket.

Shanahan is who? In Silicon Valley, Nicole Shanahan is a well-known and affluent lawyer. Although they both refute the claims, she was previously wed to Google co-founder Sergey Bri and was alleged to have had an affair with billionaire Elon Musk.

  • Left-wing goals: After graduating from Stanford University with a law degree, Shanahan founded the Bia-Echo Foundation. This organization endeavors to catalyze reproductive longevity and equality advancements, advocate for criminal justice reform, and foster initiatives for a sustainable and thriving planet.
  • Lifelong Democrat: She referred to herself as a lifelong Democrat in a recent interview with ABC News. She has also contributed tens of thousands of dollars to left-wing politicians, such as President Biden, as a prominent Democrat.

Why it is important: Selecting a running mate with solid Democratic credentials by RFK Jr. will only influence President Biden’s left-wing support rather than deflecting it from Donald Trump.

Increased funding: Nicole Shanahan is not only a possible source of additional campaign funding, but she also shares Democratic views on topics such as criminal justice reform, abortion rights, and “racial equity.”

  • Connections in the Bay Area: Shanahan will contribute to the campaign with her enormous personal fortune, her contacts in the IT sector, and other well-off donors.

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