Anti-Netanyahu Protests are back in Israel


Here’s what’s going on: During the weekend, many Israelis gathered outside the Knesset, demanding new elections to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • Background: Before October 7, there were regular large protests against Netanyahu’s government’s judicial reform. However, after October 7, there was a perceived need to unite against Hamas.
  • Big picture: A lot of Israelis are unhappy that, despite months of conflict, Netanyahu hasn’t brought back any more captives and hasn’t compelled religious citizens to join the military.

Why is it important? The push for new elections and internal government conflicts could slow down military operations and complicate hostage negotiations.

  • Stats: Only 34% of Israelis think Netanyahu is fit to be prime minister, and just 15% believe he should stay in office after the Gaza War.

Families of hostages: Sixteen relatives of Hamas captives criticized Netanyahu at a Tel Aviv press conference for mishandling negotiations.

  • Their perspective: One family member expressed frustration, saying the government’s focus on coalition stability seems to outweigh its duty to bring back their loved ones. They criticized the government for failing to act despite being instructed to wait for months.

Rejected offer: Israel offered to release 700 Palestinian militants and a six-week ceasefire in exchange for 40 hostages. However, Hamas rejected this, demanding a permanent ceasefire.

  • Consequences: Over 100 captives are still held by Hamas in Gaza, and reports suggest they face abuse and torture. Their lives are at risk every day without a hostage resolution.

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