Trump Dropped A Shocking DeSantis Claim !

Trump Dropped A Shocking DeSantis Claim!.jpeg

Trump Dropped A Shocking DeSantis Claim!


It would appear that Donald Trump is not as optimistic about his chances in the 2024 election as he had originally hoped to be. When he made the announcement of his new campaign in November of the previous year, Republicans did not react enthusiastically to it. In point of fact, it does not appear that the party, with the exception of his rabid supporters, is eager to give him another chance.

Even one of Trump’s former officials, Nikki Haley, is running for president of the United States. And a lot of people are keeping their fingers crossed for an announcement from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. It would appear that he would win easily if he entered the race. And if Joe Biden is still around in the year 2024, he could very well embarrass him, especially if he is in a position of power. Because Trump is so concerned about Ron, he is attacking him even before Ron formally declares his candidacy.


It would appear that Donald Trump is, as is his custom, exaggerating the truth in order to boost his own ego. In the course of an interview, the former president stated that DeSantis was losing his campaign for governor in 2018 and that he was ready to drop out. He approached Trump with tears in his eyes and begged for the endorsement.

I seriously doubt that anyone believes what Trump is saying. To start, in 2018, DeSantis defeated a Democrat from the left-wing opposition by a margin of more than 200,000 votes. In addition, he completed his first term as governor with such success that he was re-elected with a margin of victory greater than one million votes.


That level of success doesn’t just fall into your lap out of the blue. And even if Trump is successful in taking credit for DeSantis’s first victory, he will not be able to take credit for his landslide victory in the re-election race. This was entirely a result of the unyielding leadership demonstrated by DeSantis, particularly during the COVID operation.

Trump has made an effort to minimize the significance of DeSantis’ COVID response. However, it seems like this is another instance of the facts being distorted. At the beginning of the year 2020, DeSantis was the only governor to remove COVID restrictions. He was able to protect those who needed it the most despite not wearing a mask or being required to get vaccinations. In comparison to the majority of states, Florida performed extremely well.

If you were to believe what Trump says, however, the state ought to be a smoldering ruin by this point. In addition to this, DeSantis defied the radical left-wing media in the wake of the most devastating hurricane to ever strike the state of Florida in the state’s recorded history. He did that within a few short months of the election in 2022.

Trump is attempting to make DeSantis appear to be a lucky person who lucked into his endorsement and is only in office because of that. Nevertheless, DeSantis is successful in spite of the waning influence of Trump. It would appear that Trump is trying to smear the man who will run against him in 2024 even before the latter makes his decision to enter the race.


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