Investigation Causes Major Agency to Scurry into Action

investigation Causes Major Agency to Scurry into Action

Investigation Causes Major Agency to Scurry into Action


They wouldn’t be in as much trouble as they are today if the Democrats hadn’t spent so much time going after Trump over classified documents. However, because they turned it into a federal case and sent agents from the FBI to Trump’s residence, these individuals are now trembling in fear.

The Department of Justice is looking into all of the classified documents that Joe Biden improperly kept in his possession. However, things only get worse from that point on. The team working for Barry Obama is in a state of disarray.


When he left office, he took with him more than 30 million documents. I have no doubt that among those items there are more than a few classified ones. There is only one organization to blame for this extremely careless oversight. And at this point, they are making frantic efforts to conceal their actions.

Documents belonging to the government are to be preserved and guarded by the National Archives, which is an agency that is part of the federal government. When dealing with documents from a presidential administration, this becomes even more important to keep in mind.


But now that it’s public knowledge that Trump, Biden, and Pence all had access to classified information, what should we do? It gives a very negative impression of this government agency. Why did it not seem worth it to the National Archives to make sure that all of the documents from these leaders had been retrieved?

Why doesn’t the organization have staff members following up with previous presidents, presidents, and members of the cabinet? The reason for this is that, just like the majority of other government agencies, it is probably staffed with career bureaucrats who put in very little actual effort.

They take their comfortable jobs for granted and don’t give a second thought to the possibility that something untoward could occur. Now, all of a sudden, people are pointing fingers at the National Archives for this severe lack of maintenance.

In addition, the most that they are capable of doing is hurriedly writing letters to other former officials, asking them to look for secret documents. But, let’s be honest. If previous presidents and presidents were allowed to view these documents, why shouldn’t everyone else have access to them?

It would surprise me if, right this second, not every federal agency is making frantic efforts to retrieve its classified documents. Everyone from the CIA to the EPA is probably badgering their employees and former employees, pleading with them to help recover the documents that they have let slip through their fingers.


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