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House Democrats Act Against Biden – A Daring Move

House Democrats Act Against Biden - A Daring Move

House Democrats Act Against Biden – A Daring Move


Exclusive Breaking News: Democrats and Republicans Join Forces to Impede President Biden’s Controversial Dealings with China.

In a surprising move, Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives have come together to pass a bill aimed at curtailing President Joe Biden’s actions that benefit the Communist Chinese Party.


The bill, which received an overwhelming majority of votes in favor, will prevent Biden from selling the country’s strategic oil reserves to China, a move that has been deemed a threat to national security.

This collaboration is in response to recent revelations that President Biden has been aiding the CCP in selling their solar panels in the United States. To encourage the adoption of solar energy, Biden lifted tariffs on solar panels made in other countries, a decision that has drawn widespread criticism from lawmakers from both sides of the aisle.


It has been noted that Biden’s push for the United States to become greener and less dependent on fossil fuels is actually benefiting China, which is the leading producer of solar panels worldwide.

To make matters worse, it has come to light that China is exporting its solar panels, made using forced labor, through other countries to bypass the tariffs imposed by the United States.

The decision to lift tariffs on solar panels has been linked to pressure from a lobbying firm run by Chinese companies. This has raised questions about the President’s intentions, especially given his previous stance on China’s repeated human rights violations.

In conclusion, both Democrats and Republicans are outraged by President Biden’s actions and are determined to put a stop to any further deals that may harm the United States and benefit China.


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