Florida’s Republicans Turns the Table on Democrats

Florida's Republicans Turns the Table on Democrats

Florida’s Republicans Turn the Table on Democrats


Democrats have talked about reparations. It’s the latest time they’ve tried to please black Americans. Because their ancestors were slaves, they basically want to bribe black voters with cash to stay with the left.

The whole idea is based on the idea that people should be punished if their ancestors supported slavery. And people whose ancestors were slaves and had to go through hard times should be rewarded. That makes me think that Democrats can’t let go of the past and want to bring it up whenever it helps them politically.


But they won’t like this new bill that Florida Republicans have put forward. A Florida Republican lawmaker wants to pass a bill that would make parties that supported slavery end. After that, anyone who is a member of one of these parties would have to file as no party affiliation.

Of course, the Democrats were the party that supported slavery. During the Civil War, they even fought to keep slaves in the South. Both abolition and integration were things that Democrats were against, and they did this by spreading lies about black Americans.


On the other hand, the Republicans started their party with the goal of ending slavery. This law wouldn’t hurt the Republican Party, but it would force the Democrats to stop being a party. Talk about cancel culture!

This bill is clearly a slap in the face to the left for trying to get reparations and other ways to stir up old racial tensions. By always bringing up slavery, Democrats know they can get black people to do what they want. To Democrats, we can never move on; we have to keep talking about things that happened more than 100 years ago.

Not to make things better, but to keep black people thinking that the only way out is through the Democrats. But they get nothing by supporting Democrats. Just fewer jobs, more crime in their neighborhoods, and welfare, which has made millions of families poor.


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