Donald Trump’s Comeback Receives a Major Boost

Donald Trump's Comeback Receives a Major Boost

Donald Trump’s Comeback Receives a Major Boost


The exclusion of former President Donald Trump from social media platforms was welcomed by Democrats with open arms. I suppose the only time they support a free and fair internet is when it works exclusively in their favor.

After the election in 2020, major social media platforms banned President Trump, a move that many people believed was done for political reasons. However, once Twitter reinstated Trump’s account, things started to change for the better. Reports indicate that representatives of Donald Trump asked Meta to review their decision to ban access to Trump’s accounts for a period of two years.


The decision was just recently made public by the company. And just this week, they succeeded in sending Democrats running for the nearest bottle of Prozac. The social media giant Meta, which owns both Facebook and Instagram, has officially reinstated Donald Trump’s accounts on both of those platforms.

This comes as a result of the decision that was made a month ago to lift the two-year ban that had been placed on his account as a response to the chaotic situation that was the 2020 Election. When Democrats learned that Trump’s accounts had been reinstated, they took to the streets in protest. He is only familiar with the social network known as TRUTH Social at this point.


It’s possible that he won’t use Facebook or Twitter again in his life. The question is, why are Democrats acting so irate? Because Trump’s absence from these major platforms represented a symbolic victory for their cause, they blacked him out. The left persists in its hatred of Trump, believing each and every one of the lies they concocted to smear him.

The radical left views the possibility that Donald Trump will be unable to use social networks like those that Al Qaeda has access to as a form of poetic justice. According to Democrats, these social networks’ decision to readmit Trump is an admission that he deserves to be there just as much as anyone else does.

But the Democrats, despite their claims to the contrary, do not actually believe in equal treatment of all people. In point of fact, they are of the opinion that the system should be gamed to their advantage and their advantage alone.

You do not deserve equal rights if you disagree with Democrats and if you support policies that are not socialist. It can’t be any clearer than that. We are unable to speculate on whether or not Donald Trump will resume using the social networks he previously abandoned. However, the mere fact that he has returned to those platforms is a victory for freedom.


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