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Donald Trump Faces Off Against Harris and Biden


Donald Trump Faces Off Against Harris and Biden.

Recently and with The midterm elections are drawing near, and beyond those, the presidential election in 2024 is a significant factor to consider. At this time, Republicans are holding out hope that there will be a significant power shift on Capitol Hill.


This fall, the majority of political analysts and election experts are forecasting the possibility of a red wave, in which the Republican Party hopes to win control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate. After that, they will direct their attention to the White House. And as of right now, there is one candidate who stands out as the most obvious front-runner for the Republican party.

Donald Trump, who served as president of the United States, is still extremely powerful and influential within the Republican Party despite the fact that he has been out of the White House for some time. Internal polls for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 consistently place him in the first place, and the margin of his victory is typically quite large. However, many people are curious about how he might fare against the other Democratic candidates.
A Harvard-Harris poll was taken in May, and it pits President Trump against the current vice president, Joe Biden, as well as the candidate for president, Kamala Harris.


The survey is getting a lot of attention, particularly because it reveals that an astounding 68 percent of people in this country think that we are headed on the wrong track. Additionally, it demonstrates a decrease in support for Biden.

Trump has a lead of three points over Biden and seven over Harris, while Harris maintains her lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is the current runner-up for the Republican nomination for president. It is interesting to note that less than half of the country, or 47%, believed that the United States was headed in the wrong direction a year ago. Now that number has increased by more than 20 percentage points, which is a worrying sign for the administration of Vice President Joe Biden.

The majority of those polled, 56%, say their financial situation is getting worse under Biden as well, and this is the highest percentage that this survey has recorded so far Overall, an alarming 55 percent of respondents disapprove of Biden, with forty percent indicating that they “strongly disapprove” of him. This points to a significant change in Washington, DC in the coming months and years, and it is of utmost concern to the party that currently holds the power there.

Trump has not publicly stated that he will run for president again in 2024, but he has alluded to the possibility on multiple occasions. In addition, Biden has stated that he plans to run for another term, which means that a rematch between Trump and Biden is certainly a distinct possibility. But not all Republican leaders are convinced that “The Donald” is their best chance of winning the election.

Some people believe that the conservative firebrand is simply too divisive, which is one reason why some people are looking to candidates like Ron DeSantis.Despite this, it is abundantly clear from this poll that Trump would have a strong chance of victory if he were to run for president today against either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. And this fact alone ought to be sufficient cause for concern for Democrats.


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