The Texas Supreme Court Delivers Stunning Verdict

The Texas Supreme Court Delivers Stunning Verdict

The Texas Supreme Court Delivers Stunning Verdict

To the vast majority of citizens of the United States, the First Amendment’s protection of free speech is the nation’s guiding principle. As 1 in our Constitution, it gives citizens the right to speak their minds without persecution.

Unfortunately, many argue this provision is under constant attack, as Republicans and Conservatives accuse the woke crowd of seeking to outlaw particular phrases for the “public good. Yet, at least the courts still have to follow the Constitution. Right to Life in East Texas is led by Mark Lee Dickson, who also started the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn organization.

Evidently, he’s a pro-life supporter and believes that abortion is quite simply wicked. That’s why he termed abortion centers and groups criminal organizations that murder innocent unborn children.

The First Amendment guarantees him the right to speak this. Yet, in June 2020, Dickson was sued for making that statement by the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equality, the Afiya Center, and the Texas Equal Access Fund. They alleged slander. Dickson did not advocate or threaten violence, nor did he distort the underlying conduct in expressing his opinions about it, the justices wrote.

They mentioned that That’s why the defamation argument held no water. The justices even went a step further and declared the action was an attempt to chill a citizen’s exercise of free speech. This is precisely what worried Americans for years.

And he’ll keep speaking out against organizations who have a history of hurting mothers and taking the lives of their children, he said, echoing his earlier declaration that abortion is murder. Since the Supreme Court overruled Roe Wade, the abortion issue has escalated. Pro-life vs. pro-choice has never been more divisive, thus the conflict probably won’t ever stop. But at least in this case, the key conclusion is that freedom of speech was safeguarded.

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