The Bipartisan Congress Smacked Woke President Biden

The Bipartisan Congress Smacked Woke President Biden

The Bipartisan Congress Smacked Woke President Biden

President Biden will not rest until his woke agenda has been fully implemented across the United States. Everything from show business to sports to academia to politics has been polluted by the far left. Nevertheless, now even your golden years could be jeopardized by Joe’s radical awakened policies.

Biden is attempting to coerce financial institutions into investing in risky ventures. Or to only support businesses whose core values align with woke principles. Congress seems to agree that this could be the end of your wealth. That’s why both the Republicans and the Democrats passed a law that put ol’ Joe in his place.

A bill to overturn Biden’s woke investment rule was approved by both houses of Congress. This signifies that the bill was supported by enough Democrats in the Senate to pass. By passing this legislation, investors will no longer be required to give preference to enterprises that share the woke mindset of former President Joe Biden.

With a veto of this bill, Biden would be rejecting the will of the majority of Americans and both major political parties. Because Democrats also voted in favor of this, he can’t say he’s fighting against the evil Republicans. KJP, his right-hand guy, has been blaming MAGA Republicans for blocking Biden’s plans.

Exactly when did MAGA Republicans start calling Democrats like Jon Tester, Joe Manchin, and Jared Golden? Biden’s arguments on this matter are weak. His woke rule was nothing more than a sham to dupe financiers into funding radical organizations at the expense of more moderate ones.

He tries to provide funding for defunct businesses whose leaders have extreme left-wing beliefs. He advocates corporate aid for companies with the correct kind of politics, meaning leftist politics, rather than seeing companies prosper due to good leadership and winning products. Pathetic. The state attorneys general have threatened to file suit against President Biden if he vetoes this bill.

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