Russia Issues a Threat After Biden Promises to Give Ukraine Billions

Russia Issues a Threat After Biden Promises to Give Ukraine Billions

Russia Issues a Threat After Biden Promises to Give Ukraine Billions

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Biden is using the conflict in Ukraine to line the pockets of certain donors. Joe Claims to be Aiding the Ukrainian People. In actuality, however, he is handing over billions of dollars in American tax money to defense contractors so that they can mass produce more weapons.

Instead of contributing to a peaceful resolution, Biden is funding an extremely dangerous one. He recently visited Ukraine, where he pledged additional billions from our country to assist finance a war. Even though public opinion toward the war was shifting, I’m sure Joe still wanted to make an impression at home. And now it appears that Biden’s shady deal may bring the war to our doorstep.

It would appear that Moscow is now targeting nations that are aiding Ukraine in its war effort. This was something we expected to occur at some point. By contributing billions to Ukraine, Biden and other foreign leaders are encouraging the country to drag out this horrific conflict.

Biden has made zero efforts to mediate a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine. On the contrary, he and NATO countries are pouring money into this war in order to enrich the military-industrial complex. Naturally, Russia would figure this out at some point.

Russia will inevitably strike back at the West. Why wouldn’t Russia go after the countries supporting Ukraine’s fight if it wants to rule Ukraine? The Russian foreign ministry has issued a warning, claiming that Biden and NATO countries are significantly aggravating the situation.

Do not think that anyone is on Russia’s side. They provoked this war by illegally invading a sovereign nation. To be fair, Joe Biden has some responsibility for starting this conflict. Weeks before Putin’s invasion, he disregarded Russia’s threat. Since then, he has made a series of poor decisions that have harmed the US economy and prolonged the conflict.

Biden’s haste to cover his tracks and reward defense contractors has prompted Russia to consider taking action against the United States.

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