Obama is embarrassed all over the country

Obama is embarrassed all over the country

Obama is embarrassed all over the country

It may come as a surprise, but there are still admirers of Barack and Michelle Obama across the world. They include President Obama and First Lady Obama. Even though the Obama administration did tremendous harm to the country, Democrats continue to idolize the Obamas.

A documentary praising this communist dictator, er, great leader, recently broadcast on CNN. Time-wise, it was scheduled for prime time. In competition with Dan Bongino of Fox News. The prominent conservative was pitted against a program honoring the achievements of the “most revered” president in modern history.

Former Obama bodyguard and current Fox News host Bongino used to work for the Secret Service. He competed in a four-hour CNN documentary airing at 9 o’clock at night. One billion nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand people watched Bongino. Only 609,000 people turned up to see Obama.

Ouch. CNN’s ratings continue to tumble after Bongino publicly embarrassed the network. On that particular night, every Fox News host rated higher than their counterparts at CNN. It’s really amusing that CNN decided to run an Obama documentary instead of their usual hosts in the hopes of winning back some viewers.

What a blunder. Generally speaking, this shows that laud Obama is relegated to the back of the streaming app queue. No one is interested in watching another show that treats Obama as if he were the Second Coming. Years after he left office, the effects of his partisan interference are still being felt.

Democrats continue to swoon over Obama, but the rest of the country has moved on. Almost soon after taking office, his popularity plummeted as voters saw him as just another swamp-loving Democrat.

Clearly, CNN has a major issue on its hands. The network ousted its president, but his replacement hasn’t fared any better. According to the plan, he would eliminate CNN’s liberal tilt. It seems to have reached a stalemate, though.

The network’s left-leaning programming is still heavily promoted. It continues falling short, too. I wonder if they’ll make the link someday.

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