Kelsey Grammer claims that Jesus changed his life completely, THIS IS WHY

Kelsey Grammer claims that Jesus changed His Life Completely, THIS IS WHY

Kelsey Grammer claims that Jesus changed His Life Completely, THIS IS WHY

Despite working in Hollywood, where Christianity isn’t exactly in style, actor Kelsey Grammer has refused to apologize for his beliefs.

Kelsey admitted he occasionally suffers from hiccups. This man has been through some terrible experiences. He has faced them head-on and worked through them, including times when he rejected religion and God out of anger (during which time he wrote songs like “Where were you?”). Something of that nature.

He went on to say that through his trust in Jesus, he has accepted the situation and found immense peace. That Jesus changed for the better in his own life is not flippant. He continued, saying he will not be offering an apology.

In the film Jesus Revolution, played by Grammer, a conservative pastor reluctantly accepts hippies into his church amid the height of the countercultural Jesus movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Smith’s life leads him to young pastor-to-be Greg Laurie.

The Lionsgate release smashed opening weekend box office projections by more than twice the amount. Asbury Revival, one of the largest Christian revivals in recent years, saw an estimated 50,000 members of Generation Z join in song and prayer over the course of several weeks at Asbury University in Kentucky.

Like his fellow Hollywood celebrity Mark Wahlberg, Kelsey Grammer has come forward to publicly profess his Christian faith.

Faith is crucial. In a recent appearance on NBC’s Today, Wahlberg remarked that God didn’t come to save the saints, but rather, He came to save the sinners. And we’ve all experienced our share of problems and difficulties. We both want to grow and improve, and he has been able to do that by putting his confidence in God.

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