A New 2024 poll shows Donald Trump’s Fate

A New 2024 poll shows Donald Trump’s Fate

A New 2024 poll shows Donald Trump’s Fate

An entire calendar year will pass until the next presidential election. Yet, voters may have already chosen the next president. It seems like every day, a new Republican enters the primaries. Is it possible that any of these conservative personalities will acquire enough support to bring down the liberal establishment and force old Joe out of a job?

Joe Biden’s unsuitability for public service is common knowledge. Yet the liberal media and the Democrats in power will stop at nothing to keep him in the White House. Yet, that doesn’t guarantee he’ll win in 2024. The current frontrunner’s chances were analyzed in detail in a recent survey. And Biden has every right to be concerned.

The new survey found that Democratic voters were generally pleased with Joe Biden’s performance. Although 37% of the population supports him running again, the majority does not. I say, Democrats, your arrogance is failing you. Who is it that claims to like their man yet wants him removed from power?

The left claims to back old Joe, but their actions speak otherwise. 53% of Democrats strongly prefer a different candidate for 2024. Joe’s fragility, dwindling mental awareness, and inability to lead are probably all related to this.

In the meantime, Trump remains the frontrunner in the Republican primary. So yet, only a small number of Republican members have dared to run against him. Nevertheless, none of the politicians who are now competing against him have the ability to effectively silence him.

His main challenger, Ron DeSantis, has yet to declare his candidacy. If he does not enter the race, no other contender has a chance of defeating Trump. Even if Joe is the frontrunner, the Democrats may go elsewhere to challenge Trump if this poll maintains. Contrary to what the experts predict, a rematch in 2020 may not happen.

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