20 Things Needed to Store More in a Small Space

20 Things Needed to Store More in a Small Space

  • 1. A thin storage tower to maximize even the smallest amount of wasted housing space.


  • 2. With a wall-mounted organizer, you can clear out your overstuffed cabinets of pots, pans, and other culinary implements. In addition, the attached hooks are ideal for storing measuring cups, utensils, and other items.


  • 3. A metal desk organizer that will prevent your WFH office items from causing clutter on your desk. Also, it will raise your monitor slightly so you can avoid craning your neck all day.


  • 4. Ingeniously made velvet hangers that are slim but durable and nonslip for those with more clothes than closet space.


  • 5. Some under-bed storage containers hold the items that are typically heaped on your bed or draped over a chair because they have nowhere else to go.


  • 6. A four-tiered storage shelf that can be placed on top of the toilet to maximize storage without sacrificing valuable floor space.



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