Right Now, Joe Biden Suffers Serious Loss at White House

Right Now, Joe Biden Suffers Serious Loss at White House
Right Now, Joe Biden Suffers Serious Loss at White House

Right Now, Joe Biden Suffers Serious Loss at White House

What must it be like working for Joe Biden? Although we do not know, we can assume that it is… disheartening. There is overwhelming evidence that Biden is experiencing some form of cognitive decline.

Even though his handlers have complete control over every aspect of his life, he dislikes being directed on what to do. If one is to believe the results of recent polls, then he is the least popular president in recent history. Despite the fact that he is responsible for major crises that are afflicting the nation, he continues, in his arrogance, to believe that he can win re-election.

It should come as no surprise that a significant number of his staff members have defected in recent times. And now, Biden has suffered the loss of one of the most important officials in his administration. Just recently, Joe Biden was forced to part ways with his communications director, an employee who had been with him since 2015.

The task of managing this man’s communications fell to Kate Bedingfield, which was not exactly an enviable position. This is a man who is notorious for making embarrassing statements and gaffes that are beyond stupid. Huh… It would appear that Bedingfield has not done a very good job at all of making the guy look appealing.

After failing to escape the administration during the previous summer, she is now attempting to do so. It would appear that she is liberating herself at this point. There has been no indication as to where she will be going after this. A defeat such as the one Bedingfield experienced is significant. She began collaborating with Joe well before he assumed the presidency.

Especially at a time like this, the administration is in desperate need of a staff member like that, who has years of experience and knowledge under their belt. All hands are on deck at the White House as Republicans take control of the House and the Department of Justice investigates allegations of wrongdoing by President Joe Biden.

Any mistake, even the smallest one, could end in catastrophe. Biden is now standing on very shaky ground as a result of his loss of Bedingfield. However, she is only one of a large number of employees who have left in recent years. The vast majority of them are employees of the press and communications departments.

It would appear that nobody wants to assist Joe Biden in improving his standing in the public eye. There are rumors that Bedingfield has left the campaign to head up Biden’s 2024 effort.  It is quite possible that this will be her final departure from the company.

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