Biden’s Investigation Exposes Shocking National Archives

Biden's Investigation Exposes Shocking National Archives

Biden’s Investigation Exposes Shocking National Archives

The news that the federal government had done something to Donald Trump left the liberal media completely speechless. In spite of the fact that Trump worked for the National Archives, that branch of the government ordered a search warrant to be executed at the home of the former president.


Because the National Archives caused such a commotion, the FBI dispatched thirty armed agents to search the residence of a former president, which is something that we have never seen before. However, only a few short months later, we found out that Joe Biden had been guilty of the exact same thing.

It was even worse because he had been holding onto these secret documents for a significantly longer period of time. In addition to this, he wasn’t even president when he took those pictures, so he didn’t have the authority to declassify anything.


However, in spite of Biden’s shocking mishandling of documents, the National Archives is handling him with extreme caution. It makes sense for the National Archives to be a relatively objective organization, doesn’t it? After all, they have just glorified document collectors, working to compile records from previous presidential administrations.

Nevertheless, there is a discernible and undeniable partisan bias at this agency. Since the beginning of the investigation, Trump and his team had been in touch with NARA. The National Archives and the FBI were both aware that Trump was concealing the existence of documents in his office. Even the FBI inspected the room and suggested installing a second lock for added security.


Despite all of this, the National Archive concocted a hoax to discredit Trump, spread rumors about him to the FBI, and convinced them to conduct a search warrant at his home as if he were El Chapo. In the meantime, Biden is responsible for the very same offense… as well as no raids. There were no armed agents from the FBI swarming over his house.

There are no agents present who are making his lawyers wait outside while they search through the things that belong to him and his wife. In point of fact, the National Archive has praised Biden for his cooperative attitude. The government agency and Biden’s legal team are working together in a collaborative spirit. We are aware of what this statement actually means. If you identify as a Democrat, people will treat you more favorably.

The way both of these cases should have been handled by this agency should have been consistent. It ought to have treated both presidents with respect and collaborated with them in order to guarantee the secure transfer of these documents.

However, this left-leaning organization acted as if Trump were a criminal simply due to the fact that he is a Republican. And because Biden is a Democrat, everything is rosy in both his private life and his professional life. Pathetic. Washington, DC swamp makes it abundantly clear that conservatives are the enemy: if you identify as a conservative, you are the enemy.



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