Mike Pence Gets Pulled into Biden’s Document-Gate

Mike Pence Gets Pulled into Biden's Document-Gate

Mike Pence Gets Pulled into Biden’s Document-Gate

When Democrats broke into Donald Trump’s home a year ago, they destroyed whatever goodwill they had built up with American citizens. They ended up having regrets about doing that when it was revealed that Biden was guilty of the exact same thing, and possibly even more.

The revelation that old Joe had been hoarding classified information—some of it in his garage—has sent shock waves through the administration of President Joe Biden. But now things take an unexpected turn in the unfolding drama. a second individual who previously held the position of president is getting involved.

In contrast to Joe, however, this former president isn’t going to wait years before doing what’s right. And he has already corrected the previous statement. You just can’t say enough good things about the National Archives.

This agency is supposedly responsible for ensuring that all classified documents are collected in an appropriate manner upon the departure of officials from a presidential administration. This also necessitates an effort on the part of the FBI. But this is happening because our current FBI is highly politicized and is after Donald Trump, and the National Archives is run by idiots.

As a result, classified documents are turning up all over the place. At the very least, Trump’s documents were stored in an office that was equipped with multiple locks for added protection. After hastily placing the few documents he discovered in a safe, Mike Pence promptly gave them to the FBI for further investigation. On the other hand, Joe Biden failed to act on his documents for more than six years. And it appeared that he was making very little effort to keep them safe.

As Hunter Biden was staying at his father’s house for at least a year, many people are concerned that sensitive documents may have been seen by a large number of people. It is not clear how classified materials got into Mike Pence’s house in the first place. However, he did the bare minimum required by immediately reporting it and taking steps to ensure their safety. Biden, who the hell knows what else is out there, to begin with?

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