Manchin’s Shock Admission Rocks Washington

Manchin's Shock Admission Rocks Washington

Manchin’s Shock Admission Rocks Washington


We are now two years away from the presidential election that will take place in 2024. However, millions of people in the United States can’t wait until they can fire Joe Biden from his position. Because of Joe, an increasing number of people in the United States believe that our country is heading in the wrong direction.

And Biden’s never-ending and frivolous spending has put many people in a financial bind. However, what does this imply for the year 2024? To this point, only Donald Trump has declared his intention to run against the incumbent Democrat. There have been many polls conducted to try to determine his chances of winning against Joe Biden.

However, the most recent version has been published. And it’s giving Democrats a lot of stomachache in the process. Who all witnessed this while it was taking place? The results of a poll conducted by Harvard and Harris show that Donald Trump is pulling away from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who is currently in second place to become the next President. In point of fact, Biden is dominating the competition among Democrats by wider margins than we’ve seen in quite some time.


With 46% of the vote to Biden’s 41%, Trump easily wins the race. And Trump wins the race by an even larger margin, defeating Harris by 8 percentage points, 48% to 40%. Some commentators might be caught off guard by this information. After the midterm elections in 2022, many people speculated that Trump’s presidency was over.

Several of the high-profile races were won by opponents of the candidates he supported, and they all lost. And there was no “red wave” in the congressional elections, according to Republicans. Some people interpreted that as a sign that Trump is not nearly as powerful as he once was. However, the results of this poll could indicate a shift in opinion among general voters.


As long as Trump and Biden or Harris are the only candidates in the race, he has the upper hand. It would appear that a significant number of Americans are aware of the impact that Trump had on the nation. As part of his America First agenda, he promised to bring back high wages, jobs, and stability.

However, after Joe Biden’s administration of two years, the country is currently in a downward spiral. It’s interesting to note that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is also ahead of both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, albeit by narrower margins. It would appear that the American people are eager to rid themselves of this toxic administration. And the Republican Party could have a number of formidable candidates if they play their cards right.


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