Florida Supreme Court Makes History That Will Shake the State

Florida Supreme Court Makes History That Will Shake the State

Florida Supreme Court Makes History That Will Shake the State

One can safely assume that Democrats will never get over the fact that Roe v. Wade was overturned. Since the decision from the 1970s was overturned by the Supreme Court, they have been fighting tooth and nail to preserve what they consider to be their precious abortion rights.

As a result of the victory, many red states passed extremely pro-life legislation. The Democratic Party has pulled out all the stops in its efforts to overturn these laws, which are intended to safeguard the lives of unborn children.

The pro-life law proposed by Governor DeSantis was successfully blocked by a coalition of two far-left organizations. Even the highest court in the state is getting involved now. It’s a major setback for the left’s abortion-only agenda advocates.

Planned Parenthood Democrats and the American Civil Liberties Union wanted the court to temporarily block the law while the case is decided. That would have provided a legal loophole for abortion providers in the state.

However, the highest court in Florida declined to overturn the law, which means that it is still against the law to carry out an abortion after 15 weeks in the state of Florida. It is currently unknown what decision the court will make in the end.

However, in light of the decision made by the Supreme Court of the United States to delegate authority to decide abortion law to the individual states, Democrats don’t have much of a leg to stand on. There is nothing unconstitutional about this 15-week ban.

Texas and other conservative states have stricter prohibitions in place. The Democratic Party is resorting to a state-by-state battle to impose its pro-abortion agenda on the United States. They won’t be satisfied until abortion is the only option available to the majority of women with low incomes.

It would appear that Democrats are of the opinion that having children is immoral unless you are part of the top one percent of the population. They target pregnancy help centers, which offer many different options to women besides having an abortion. It’s possible that Democrats believe that nobody should have children in this day and age. They do assert that there are “too many people” living on the planet.


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