Trump Rocks Democrats with Shocking 2024 Announcement

Trump Rocks Democrats with Shocking 2024 Announcement

Trump Rocks Democrats with Shocking 2024 Announcement

It would appear that Donald Trump is prepared to get off to a fast start. Now that his campaign for the presidency in 2024 has been officially announced, he is planning to make 2023 the year in which he wins back many voters in the United States.

To this point, he has provided a comprehensive plan for his prospective second term. Among these are terminating unfavorable business relationships with China and reestablishing law and order in this country. Not to mention protecting the perimeter of our country! However, he just made an announcement that will have at least one Democratic labor union scrambling for cover.

With this comprehensive strategy, he has vowed to give back control to the parents. During his most recent announcement, Donald Trump made a vow to thwart any attempts by Democrats to indoctrinate children while they are attending public schools. If he is successful in his bid for re-election, one of the things he intends to do is to direct the Department of Justice to close down educational institutions whose curriculum promotes racial discrimination.

This is precisely the opposite of what President Biden’s Department of Justice has done. It literally persecuted parents for doing nothing more than asking questions about the curriculum that was being taught in their school district. But that’s not even the beginning of what Trump has in store for us.

Trump has made a commitment to purge the educational system in the United States of radicals, zealots, and Marxists. In addition to this, he intends to do away with teacher tenure for grades K–12, reduce the number of expensive school administrators who promote woke policy, draft a Parental Bill of Rights, and make it mandatory for parents to vote for principals.

These are significant adjustments that have the potential to revolutionize public education in the United States. You can bet your bottom dollar that Democrats will put up a ferocious fight to thwart it. The public schools in the United States are managed by teachers’ unions that are controlled by the left. These leftists do not intend to prioritize the needs of either children or their parents.

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