Texas Makes Bold Move Against President Biden

Texas Makes Bold Move Against President Biden

Texas Makes Bold Move Against President Biden

Not too long ago, members of the liberal media made a significant amount of noise about Joe Biden’s visit to the “border.” President Biden visited carefully managed sections of El Paso, which had the added benefit of having no illegal immigrants present. After that, he declared that the crisis did not exist and pushed for policies that would make it simpler for certain nations to offload their people onto the United States.

Nevertheless, in spite of that pointless photo opportunity, thousands of illegal immigrants cross the border every single day. This never-ending tide of invaders cannot possibly fit into any state’s limited resources. Certainly not Texas, as President Biden and his administration do not intend to assist the state. So Governor Abbott has just shown defiance toward the White House by appointing the very first… border czar for the state of Texas.

This is an incredible rebuke to the administration of President Joe Biden. After all, Joe chose Kamala Harris to fill the role of “border czar” for his administration. It was expected that the vice president would comment on this matter. Back in 2021, she was the “point woman,” so to speak, in charge of ensuring that the crisis-level number of illegal immigrants was brought to a halt.

Big surprise, it’s only gotten worse. Kamala has not taken any action to address the historically high numbers of undocumented immigrants entering our country. She did make a promise to give the countries of Central America millions of dollars, but this did not solve anything.

Mike Banks, a former agent with the Border Patrol, was chosen by Abbott to fill this new role. This individual has direct experience with the crisis that is currently taking place at the border. In addition, he will undoubtedly offer a point of view that is required for addressing this matter.

The creation of this new post, along with the staff and office that go along with it, will incur costs for the state of Texas. Why is it necessary for the governor to create this position in the first place? Because Joe Biden has shown no willingness to back down from decisions that have brought about this crisis.

By keeping the border unguarded, President Biden is putting the safety of every American at risk. He has no intention of restarting the border wall construction. He does not intend to deport illegal immigrants. In addition to that, he is uninterested in upholding our immigration laws.

To simply return to where we were in the year 2020, Texas should not be required to install a border commissioner. But if Joe Biden becomes president, we can expect more of the same.

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