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Texas leads 20 states in legal challenge Against Biden

Texas leads 20 states in legal challenge Against Biden

Texas leads 20 states in legal challenge Against Biden

Does Joe Biden’s war against the United States have no end in sight? He put an end to our energy industry, which resulted in prices shooting through the roof. He was the cause of inflation, which was harmful to families all across the country.

While this is going on, he is funding a war in Europe by giving away billions of dollars to other countries. But what’s even worse is that he is brazenly ignoring federal law as well as the demands of the American people by keeping the Southern border open. The number of illegal immigrants here now numbers in the millions.

But Joe’s not done yet. He is ensuring that tens of thousands of migrants will be able to walk into our country without being questioned about their intentions. As a result, there is a concerted effort being made by a large number of conservatives to thwart him. The latest attempt by Biden to replace American citizens with people from outside the country is being challenged in court by a coalition of top conservative groups and twenty states.

The humanitarian parole program will now accept 30,000 migrants a month from a variety of South American countries as a result of Biden’s expansion of the program. This is something that Biden is doing, and he claims that it will reduce the number of people who cross the border illegally. Without a doubt, Joe is willingly allowing them to march into our nation.

According to the lawsuit, Biden is breaking the law regarding immigration in three different ways. The United States has an asylum system that operates on a case-by-case basis and is supposed to welcome refugees. This program does not. It merely throws open the floodgates for millions of freeloaders who want to take advantage of the generosity of the United States.

Despite assertions to the contrary, there is no humanitarian motivation behind this. These individuals are not fleeing a war-torn country. They are not being persecuted in any way by the government that they live under. They are simply people who want to take advantage of the economic opportunities available in the United States without complying with our immigration laws.

And finally, there is no discernible improvement in significant public benefit as a result of this program. This means that every year, President Biden will be responsible for welcoming hundreds of thousands of foreigners, which will only place a strain on our nation. How exactly does it help our country to welcome thirty thousand new immigrants every single month?

Where are these individuals going to make their homes? How will it be possible for our public services to accommodate such a significant increase in the number of people using them? There are no benefits to be gained from taking this action,

only drawbacks. It is not as if Joe cares. He is absolutely committed to sneaking as many people into our country illegally as humanly possible. He is unconcerned about the damage that this will cause to our nation. It’s possible that this legal action will stop him in his tracks.


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