Rand Paul Uncovers Shocking Findings in Biden’s investigation

Rand Paul Uncovers Shocking Findings in Biden's investigation

Rand Paul Uncovers Shocking Findings in Biden’s investigation

The COVID-19 public health emergency was extended with Biden’s signature on an order to do so. Since the beginning of this nightmare, it has been nearly three years since it began. Biden and his party, however, continue to take advantage of the pandemic in order to waste tax dollars and advance whatever mandates they desire.

However, Biden is in a lot of trouble. He has taken advantage of the pandemic to defraud American taxpayers out of trillions of dollars. Where did each and every penny disappear to? Why aren’t there any reports on the money that Biden has spent on COVID? It would appear that President Biden is changing his position and intends to put an end to the COVID emergency.

It would appear that Biden wants the emergency situation to be resolved so that he can extend an invitation to even more illegal immigrants to enter the country. Additionally, it’s possible that he is trying to hide the evidence of his spending. However, a prominent Republican senator has some discouraging news for him.

If Joe Biden thinks he can hide his wasteful spending by sweeping it under the rug, he is living in a dream. During the COVID pandemic, companies that demanded handouts were given billions of dollars in government funding. According to what we have discovered, a good number of these applicants used fake Social Security numbers. They were successful in obtaining at least $5.4 billion in funds from public coffers.

During the pandemic, Biden and members of his party engaged in the kind of spending that was not properly accounted for, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Joe has spent the past two years committing crimes against the American people while hiding behind COVID. Billions and billions of dollars have been diverted toward causes other than COVID relief. According to a number of reports, the funds were spent by Democrats on a variety of things, ranging from “green” technology to the transportation of migrants.

Sen. Rand Paul is pressing the White House for responses to his questions. It is possible that Biden wants to put an end to the pandemic as quickly as possible, in the hopes that all of those files will simply… disappear (maybe hidden in his garage). However, with Republicans controlling at least one chamber of Congress, it is highly unlikely that this will occur.

Biden put our children’s futures at risk in order to fight a disease that was on the verge of extinction. As a result, he is obligated to provide an explanation.

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