Kamala Harris was Betrayed by Elizabeth Warren

Kamala Harris was Betrayed by Elizabeth Warren

Kamala Harris was Betrayed by Elizabeth Warren

Soon after Joe Biden announced that Kamala Harris would be his running mate, the media made a significant amount of noise about her. But since the year 2020, what has the woman done to distinguish herself in her role as vice president? Let’s take a look, but, uh, there wasn’t anything there. Nothing.

Zero, nada, zilch, nada. In point of fact, it seems that Harris is working against the administration of Joe Biden. Not a valuable asset It also appears that an increasing number of Democrats are beginning to call for a replacement. Elizabeth Warren, a member of the Socialist Democratic Party, was asked if Biden should keep Harris for 2024. This is what the senator on the left had to say about it.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren responded in the affirmative when she was asked if she backs Joe Biden’s bid for re-election. Even more, she suggested that he run for office once more. This certainly calls into question Warren’s capacity for sound judgment. On the other hand, when asked if Biden should continue to run with Kamala as his running mate…

Warren was not as conclusive in his response. She didn’t confirm her acceptance, but neither did she deny it. The politician responded in the most politician-like way imaginable. She didn’t really say anything, but she did say that she would defer to Biden’s team. Really? You don’t have any thoughts on the matter, do you, Warren?

I suppose she lacks the courage to make a definitive statement. There is no downside for Warren in the event that Biden dumps Kamala. But if Biden chooses to keep Kamala despite Warren’s desire for her to leave, then things don’t look good for old Liz here.

On the other hand, the absence of a definitive yes is revealing in its own way. If Warren thought Harris was doing a fantastic job, she would have praised her performance sooner rather than later. Instead, she evades the question for a full thirty seconds, demonstrating that the party is growing increasingly dissatisfied with old Kamala.

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