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DeSantis Just Dropped a 10-Ton Hammer on Felons

DeSantis Just Dropped 10-Ton Hammer on Felons

DeSantis Just Dropped a 10-Ton Hammer on Felons

It would appear that Democrats in states with a blue political landscape are going out of their way to promote criminal activity. They do away with cash bail, release felons back into the community, and even ensure that shoplifting and other crimes are not even prosecuted as felonies.

However, this is not the case in the Sunshine State. The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, is making it abundantly clear that those who commit crimes will be held accountable in their state. Not too long ago, he began recruiting law enforcement officers who were leaving blue states and offered them financial incentives to relocate to Florida.

And at this time, he is working to ensure that criminal scum who prey on children will be subject to severe punishments. It’s difficult to conceptualize, but those who push drugs make them appear to be sweet treats. Fentanyl is a man-made opioid that has a high potential for lethal overdose. Even a very low dose is enough to kill an adult. And these scumbags are going to the trouble of making the poison appear to be sweets so that they can sell it to children.

The Governor of Florida is not having any part of it. He just made the announcement that the state of Florida will impose severe penalties on anyone who sells drugs to minors, including this one and any others. Even just possessing these drugs that have the appearance of candy can get you sent to jail. The penalty can reach as high as a lifetime in prison and a fine of one million dollars if it is found guilty.

Does it sound too severe? These individuals are attempting to peddle the most lethal substance that has ever been manufactured, to minors. Those who deal drugs are aware that fentanyl is fatal. Still, they are marketing it in a way that makes it appealing to children in addition to selling it to adults.

Even though we’ve asked these people to stop, they have no intention of doing so. We must impose severe punishments to ensure that evildoers will think twice before attempting to kill our children with poison. And whoever among them is thick-headed enough to persist in doing it will be subjected to severe punishment.

The rest of the country ought to pay attention to what is going on. Especially in blue states, which frequently express the view that felons should be allowed to walk free in the community. The only way we are going to put an end to this epidemic of crime is if we punish those who commit the crimes.

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