Biden’s 2024 Re-election Bid rocked by Major Criminal Charges

Biden's 2024 Re-election Bid rocked by Major Criminal Charges

Biden’s 2024 Re-election Bid rocked by Major Criminal Charges

Every time we turn over a new rock, we discover Democrats who have broken the law. Many of the most influential names on the left are frequently linked to the lowest levels of society. However, for some unexplained reason, these liberal politicians have always been let off the hook.

People believe that you can determine a person’s character based on the company they keep. So, in light of what we now know, what can we conclude about Joe Biden and his party? It was well known that a lawyer in the Los Angeles area would host high-profile fundraisers for the left. Even Joe Biden’s campaign for president in 2020 received some financial support from him.

And, what do you think? He’s just been indicted! A recent indictment on charges of wire fraud was handed down against Tom Girardi, a prominent Democrat donor. He is accused of stealing more than $15 million, according to the prosecutors. According to the reports, he took the money that was paid to him by clients and used it to pay for his personal expenses as well as the expenses of his law firm.

It was well known that Girardi would host fundraising events for Democratic candidates and causes at all levels of government. Throughout the course of several election cycles, he and his family gave millions of dollars to Democratic candidates and causes. During Biden’s campaign for president in 2020, the attorney also hosted a major fundraising event in Los Angeles on his behalf.

Why do you think that so many of the Democrats’ closest allies have ended up getting indicted? I just can’t fathom it. And how many Democratic officials in local governments, such as mayors, continue to be caught stealing? This makes one wonder what the other members of the group are up to, doesn’t it?

It’s possible that the majority of Democrats are engaging in this kind of behavior. Except for those who sit in Congress, who have enough power to avoid being prosecuted, right?

I know you’re thinking that, so stop trying to convince me otherwise. How many scandalous tales have we heard about Joe Biden’s son, Beau Biden? Why haven’t any charges been brought against them at this point? Probably due to the fact that he has held the offices of the senator, president, and now president in the past?

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