Biden Shocked by Serious Accusation from Top Republican

Biden Shocked by Serious Accusation from Top Republican

Biden Shocked by Serious Accusation from Top Republican

You don’t need us to tell you that Joe Biden is a terrible leader because you already know it. Biden has never had a backbone, in addition to displaying signs of mental fragility. The Democrat has never been anything but a yes-man, always doing whatever would benefit his career the most. But now, when the stakes couldn’t be higher for the United States of America, his lack of leadership is costing us a lot of money in a big way.

The Republican Michael McCaul, who chairs the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, is extremely concerned about the situation. He has a sneaking suspicion that Biden’s lack of strength is going to come back to haunt the United States and people all over the world. Because McCaul predicted in a recent interview that Biden’s projected weakness is going to encourage China to do the unthinkable, China will encourage Biden’s projected weakness.

If you want to refute what McCaul is saying, you have to be completely dishonest. Because of President Biden’s lack of strength and ability to lead, the Taliban were able to retake Afghanistan (after we had kept it free for 20 years!). Once more, in a shocking display of weakness just weeks before the invasion, Biden essentially encouraged Putin to invade Ukraine by suggesting that Putin should do so.

The persistent failures of President Joe Biden on the world stage, according to the opinions of many experts, will lead to China’s invasion of Taiwan. China has, for some time now, asserted that Taiwan is part of China’s territory. They have issued a large number of warnings. And considering that former President Biden was unable to safeguard either Afghanistan or Ukraine, why wouldn’t China make an effort?

On top of that, it is common knowledge that Biden has China’s financial support. He has done everything in his power to assist Chinese businesses, even at the expense of those in the United States. There is widespread concern that Joe and his family have benefited financially from the CCP. Given how compromised he is, is there anything this man could do to prevent China from attacking Taiwan?

You are already aware of the response to that. Getting rid of this weak “president” is the only way we can guarantee that Taiwan will remain free from danger.

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