Top 3 Biden Officials Under Legal Scrutiny!

Top 3 Biden Officials Under Legal Scrutiny!

Top 3 Biden Officials Under Legal Scrutiny!

Do you know what the people of the United States enjoy seeing on Capitol Hill? We need less talk and more action, as long as that action does not involve borrowing more money from our children and grandchildren to fund the liberal spending projects they are proposing.

And because the Republican Party now holds a majority in the House, we are at last witnessing some action on egregious wrongdoings that were totally disregarded during the tenure of President Biden. Is it possible that there is anything that is more frustrating than watching the FBI investigate parents who showed up to school board meetings to voice their opinions?

That certainly is a question with a lot of baggage. Because President Biden pays so little attention to so many crises, such as the situation on the southern border, crime, inflation, Afghanistan, and Ukraine… need we go on?

However, this one really hits home. This brings us to the most important question of all: are your children your biological offspring? Or do they fall under the jurisdiction of the government? Because parents in the United States found out in the midst of the pandemic shutdown that teachers were feeding their children shocking propaganda and books that were unexplainable, and they demanded that the teachers be held accountable.

In response, many school boards made an effort to silence these parents by asserting that they had no control over the curriculum that is being taught to their children. This led to a significant increase in the abuse of power, but it also resulted in a migration of families away from public schools and toward alternative private education options.

Through the neutral, non-partisan FBI, the administration of President Joe Biden conducted an investigation into parents who were upset at school boards that refused to listen to them. This may be even more serious than the abuses committed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) during the Obama administration when it singled out conservatives for audits.

The subpoenas that Jim Jordan issued are a positive first step toward achieving justice. It is my hope that it does not end there because when injustice occurs, Americans do not demand to have a conversation about it. They are demanding actual action be taken. Taking action that forces corrupt leaders out into the open or, even better, locks them up would be preferable.

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