Shocking Betrayal: Manchin Turns Against Biden

A Shocking Betrayal: Manchin Turns Against Biden

A Shocking Betrayal: Manchin Turns Against Biden

Recent events have brought to light Senator Joe Manchin’s decision to take the side of Senate Republicans in their opposition to Joe Biden’s most recent woke move. The White House is making an effort to coerce investors into investing their retirement funds in “ESG” sources, which stands for environmental, social, and governance investments.

The Democrats are trying to politicize every facet of our lives, and this is just one more way they are doing so. The Democrat from West Virginia collaborated with Republican senators to pass a bill that would prevent Biden from moving forward with his plan.

Biden’s most recent socialist scheme, which could result in the loss of your retirement fund, will require some effort to stop, but it will not be without some effort. And now, in response to the decision that Manchin made, more than one hundred organizations and prominent leaders have spoken out.

Over one hundred different organizations quickly banded together in support of Senator Manchin after he publicly defied President Biden’s most recent scheme. Advancing American Freedom is a movement that was organized by former Vice President Mike Pence, and they have issued a demand to Congress to stop Joe Biden’s woke move.

Over a hundred different conservative organizations have put their names to the letter. They explained that mutual funds that had a significant investment in ESG sources had a lower rate of return. Wow, can you even fathom that? Spending money on socialist causes does not result in a good return on investment!? The return on investment for mutual funds that instead prioritize investing in businesses and fields that, you know, actually make money is significantly higher.

The ESG movement is nothing more than an attempt to politicize the business of making investments. Biden and his henchmen in the socialist movement are attempting to coerce financial institutions into contributing money to “social,” “green,” and “big government” causes. All of these options do not offer particularly high returns to investors. But Biden doesn’t care if you lose money. He is only interested in appeasing those on the far left of the political spectrum.

But the only way to put an end to this scheme is for Congress to pass a law that restricts Biden’s actions. Because the corrupt Democrat will veto any legislation, a majority vote that can override a veto is required to pass the bill. It’s possible that Manchin will be the first Democrat to go against Biden’s woke plans, but it’s impossible for him to be the last.

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