Controversial Moment for Biden Supporter James Clyburn

Controversial Moment for Biden Supporter James Clyburn

Controversial Moment for Biden Supporter James Clyburn

It is not a secret that the Democratic establishment wants Joe Biden to run for re-election, and they are actively lobbying for him to do so. Old Joe is losing support among voters at an increasing rate. But the hardliners who have been entrenched in the Washington swamp for years are virtually compelling the party to take the dishonest Biden’s side.

This includes a significant figure in South Carolina, a state that played a role in ensuring Joe Biden would be the Democratic nominee in 2020. In spite of Joe Biden’s many failures during his first term in office, this Democrat has been working hard to win the party’s support for President Joe Biden. However, after this news broke, his ally might have lost some of its momenta. What justification could they possibly have for all of this?

According to recent filings, Representative James Clyburn enriched his grandson and son-in-law through the use of campaign funds. Over the course of more than a year, he handed over more than $86,000 to his grandson as “campaign management fees.” Where did you get those? What kind of work was his grandson doing that warranted such a substantial payment?

Even more concerning was the sum of rent that he was responsible for paying to his son-in-law each month. The rent for the Clyburn campaign headquarters cost $57,500. The funds were invested in a business that is currently managed by his son-in-law.

This is not breaking news at all. During election season, many Democrats in Congress employ members of their own families. They pay them absurd sums of money for what appear to be services of the most fundamental nature. Even though this is perfectly legal, something about it smells very fishy. A number of Democrats have been caught handing their partners tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for web services.

Some others are even less clear. They “hired” family members as consultants and paid them thousands of dollars for their services. Obviously, they don’t explain why the rates that their family members charge are so much higher than those charged by most businesses.

Such information is not well received by the voting population. The notion that a politician’s family can get wealthy off of donations is frowned upon by the vast majority of Americans. And this is one of the most important allies Biden has. The fact that Biden’s family has become wealthy as a result of him has landed him in some legal trouble. Now, one of the Democrats who was conspiring to protect Joe’s 2024 nomination has been exposed for their involvement in the plot.

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