Biden acts on surging Humpback Whale deaths

Biden acts on surging Humpback Whale deaths

Biden acts on surging Humpback Whale deaths

It is common knowledge that Biden is working toward the elimination of the fossil fuel industry in the United States. He is allowing the price of gas to skyrocket on purpose so that you will be persuaded to purchase an expensive electric vehicle. His corrupt administration is even attempting to ban gas stoves, which will force you to purchase a subpar electric model as a replacement. But without the use of fossil fuels, how is the United States going to generate enough electricity?

It is unable to. That is something that Biden will not admit to. Therefore, his administration is making a frantic effort to expand alternative sources of energy that are less reliable, such as solar and wind power. When there is sufficient cloud cover, solar energy cannot be utilized effectively. Another catastrophe is currently being caused by the installation of enormous wind turbines at sea. This one is truly inexcusable in every way.

Holy cow, this is a mess. Since President Biden put a target on the United States oil and gas industry, there has been a natural increase in “farming” for wind energy. But now we know that all of those unsightly turbines, which are positioned in the middle of the ocean, are responsible for the deaths of whales.

There have been reports that the extremely loud turbines are causing problems with the whales’ ability to use echolocation. Many marine animals, such as whales and dolphins, navigate through the water using sound, which is something that every third-grader should be able to tell you. Even though they claim to care about the environment, these “green” idiots built thousands of turbines that are extremely loud, which has a negative impact on marine life.

Moreover, whales are becoming disoriented and washing up dead on the shoreline as a result. Great job, Biden. You are such a terrible president that you are responsible for the deaths of whales.

Because the situation is so serious, the mayors of New Jersey have demanded that these turbines be turned off until a thorough investigation can be conducted. How ignorant do you have to be to rush into building wind turbines without first investigating the impact they will have on the local wildlife?

The Democrats made an effort to stop Trump’s border wall by arguing that it would be harmful to the wildlife that lives along the border. But the wind turbines they use are so inefficient that they are actually causing the deaths of whales. Which, as you can probably imagine, don’t generate nearly enough power to make investing in them worthwhile.

I have no doubt that President Biden will in no way accept responsibility for this catastrophe. However, we will complete it for him. It’s all Biden’s fault for this mess. He halted production of our oil and gas, compelling states to hasten the removal of these dreadful turbines. He is the one who is pressuring people in the United States to “transition” to green energy in an improper and hurried manner.

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