The Congress Scrambles After Biden’s Failure

The Congress Scrambles After Biden’s Failure

How many things has Biden done that have been detrimental to the economy of the United States? He was successful in passing a stimulus measure that had the effect of lowering the value of the dollar. The result was an increase in the cost of energy due to the cessation of oil drilling. Oh, and he did nothing to solve a catastrophic problem in the supply chain, which is still having a negative impact on companies and customers.

But if just this one issue blows out, everything else will seem insignificant in contrast. A few weeks ago, President Biden boasted that his team of negotiators was successful in reaching an agreement to resolve a significant dispute between twelve labor organizations and railroad businesses. However, the contract was never finalized since three different unions were not granted what they had wanted.

Now, as a direct result of Biden’s failings, a strike by train employees is going to bring the economy to a complete and permanent halt. This is a really serious problem. Biden was unable to negotiate a compromise that would have satisfied all 12 of the unions. In addition, the twelve different unions will not cooperate with one another if even one of them refuses to sign the pact. That will result in the complete and total shutdown of our railroad system, including both freight and passenger railroads.

It’s possible that you don’t see it as a huge concern. But it is. Our nation’s economy is dependent on the railways’ ability to transport a vast array of commodities throughout the country. In the event that the trains are unable to run in the days leading up to Christmas, store shelves will be bare and will not be restocked. There will be nothing available at any of the locations, ranging from supermarkets to shopping centers.

Even Amazon, which relies on trains to restock its warehouses and transport products from coast to coast, will be unable to function normally as a result of the shutdown. If Congress were to just push back the deadline by one more month, they might be able to prevent a strike from happening. However, due to the fact that Congress will not return until after Thanksgiving, there is not much time for them to get anything done.

If Biden’s labor secretary had actually paid attention to what workers had to say about sick leave, all of this could have been avoided. However, given the state of this government at this moment, why should we expect anybody to perform a decent job for them? There is not a single person in the Biden administration who is qualified for the position they now hold. Just consider the fact that none of this would be occurring in the first place if we had someone in office who had actually written the book on how to negotiate business deals.


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