The Congress Dems are Suffering a Generational Shakeup

The Congress Dems are Suffering a Generational Shakeup

Before the midterm elections, the White House tried all in its power to conceal the news. However, the secret is no longer concealed. Joe Biden celebrated his 80th birthday this week, making him the oldest individual who has ever held the office of president.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, provided specifics of the festivities that would be held in honor of the event. However, the government is choosing to ignore the most obvious problem at hand. Biden has committed to running for office once again in 2024. However, his senior age is causing many to raise issues, particularly in light of the fact that other elderly Democrats are finally stepping down from their positions.

While Biden and men like Chuck Schumer fight to maintain their power and relevance despite their advanced ages, other elderly Democrats are gradually becoming less visible in the political landscape. Even one of the most power-hungry Democrats in the United States, Nancy Pelosi, who is 82 years old, has decided to step down from her position as Speaker of the House.

Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn, both of whom are older than 80 years old, will be present beside her at the event. Given that they already have one foot in the grave, some people could argue that they should resign from their elected post totally. They are being succeeded by individuals who are tens of years their junior.

Why, then, does Biden persist in his efforts to maintain a stranglehold on the possibility of remaining in office? Biden has stated in the past that whether or not he runs for office again will be a “family decision. But it seems that he will run for office once more when he is in his early 80s, as all indications point in that direction.

The health of President Joe Biden is being called into question by major media outlets. Even the most liberal publications, such as the New York Times, and the most conservative, such as CNN, have admitted that Biden is too old to run for president. The real issue, however, is that no one else is available to take over his role after 2024. Even the Wall Street Journal criticized Biden for his choice of Kamala Harris over other candidates because of her identity politics.

In the meantime, young Republicans are tearing down barriers, racking up impressive victories, and reclaiming districts all over the country. In the years to come, a new generation of Republicans will completely overwhelm the older Democrats and the younger socialists who support them. The Democratic Party is unlikely to field a formidable candidate in 2024. The only candidate they have is Joe Biden, the incumbent, who has difficulty completing sentences.

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