The 2024 Battle Of GOP Takes a Major Swing

The 2024 Battle Of GOP Takes a Major Swing

With his announcement that he would run for president in 2024, Donald Trump put an end to years of speculation. Trump is planning to run for the candidacy of the Republican party once again, just as he did in 2015. There is a good chance that he will face opposition from a large number of Republican candidates.

But what do the people who voted think? Many members of the party are of the opinion that the time has come to choose a new leader. In the midterm elections of 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won handily and carried the state for his party. And now, what Florida voters believe about 2024 is revealed by a brand new survey.

This is a significant departure from the trends that we have seen over the last two years. Although Trump continues to lead in most polls, DeSantis has long been considered a strong contender for the candidacy of the Republican Party. Only a few independent surveys showed DeSantis with a slight edge over his opponent.

However, the results of this survey in Florida show that DeSantis has a significant 45-point advantage against Trump. This is very important considering that Trump won Florida by a significant margin in both 2016 and 2020. However, the results of this survey indicate that the state, which is now solidly red, has moved on.

And it is not the only piece of positive information about DeSantis. According to the results of yet another national survey, he would defeat both Trump and Biden.

This is of relatively high importance. Because many people are concerned that ardent supporters of Trump would bring the party to its knees if he were not the candidate. There is a risk that a nasty civil war could break out, which may bring down the Republican Party and destroy their hopes in 2024. However, the results of this latest survey indicate that DeSantis might easily win the nomination even without the support of the diehards.

And he is doing so by a wider margin than Trump is now enjoying over Biden. Many people are of the opinion that Trump’s notoriety has long divided voters into the United States. Because of the persistent defamation of the controversial president by the mainstream media, a significant number of people will never support him.

However, DeSantis does not have that bagger in their possession. It would seem that he is capable of turning even red regions blue, as he did with Miami-Dade County. Is he capable of doing it for the whole of the nation in 2024?

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