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Trump Scores Major Victory in Family Feud

Trump Scores Major Victory in Family Feud

Over the past few years, we have witnessed Democrats launch an unending barrage of attacks against Donald Trump. Pelosi served as the head of her J6 commission. The Department of Justice under Biden conducted a search warrant at the residence of Trump, accusing him of hoarding papers. In addition, the New York Attorney General has pursued legal action against his companies on many occasions.

One of Trump’s own family members has publicly declared their opposition to the president. In the year 2020, she engaged in hostile behavior in an effort to sell more books. After that strategy was unsuccessful, she filed a lawsuit against her immediate family members. It’s possible that she’s feeling regret right about now.

Not only did Mary Trump betray Donald, but she also betrayed his other siblings. Mary, his niece, had been attacking her uncle all along, apparently for the attention of the media. It would appear that readers were uninterested in her book which was intended to criticize the 45th president.

Therefore, she filed a lawsuit against Trump and other members of his family about a share in the family firm. But Justice Robert Reed of the New York Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit, giving Trump another significant victory. It would seem that the majority of the cases brought against him are unsuccessful.

There have been other desperate people who have attempted to take Trump to court. Not only did they lose the case, but they were also required to pay his legal fees. Will that ultimately turn out to be the situation for Mary Trump, who seems hellbent on bringing her family’s reputation into disrepute?

This victory arrives only a few hours before Trump is expected to make his “big announcement.” If the former president and his still-vocal group of followers get positive news like this, it will simply feed their fire. One has to ask why Democrats are holding out hope with the many lawsuits and charges they have filed against Trump. Since 2016, Democrats have been misusing the power that they have in politics to try to stop Trump from becoming president. Even former President Obama made an effort to prevent Trump from becoming president by ordering FBI probes on the candidate.

However, the left has been proven wrong time and time again. What chance does Letitia James have if the accusations of a literal family member against Trump are found to be unsubstantiated? Perhaps they ought to try to beat him in a fight to the finish. I don’t think that will work.

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