The Federal Judge Struck Down Biden’s Big Rule

The Federal Judge Struck Down Biden’s Big Rule

Surgery to alter a child’s sexual orientation and the use of hormones are two of the most debatable issues in today’s society, particularly among parents. The so-called transgender agenda of the Democrats has been under intense criticism in recent years, as a number of people have questioned the effects that it would have on the mental and physical health of youngsters in the United States.

And now, one of the most troubling regulations enacted by the Biden administration has been overturned by a federal court. This law made it possible for more people, including minors, to have gender confirmation surgery and hormone treatment. This was implemented in May of this year and was based on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The gist of what the Biden administration was stating was that medical professionals were not allowed to discriminate based on a patient’s sexual orientation or gender identity.
On the other hand, two medical professionals have taken the government to court over this issue, arguing that the regulation prevents them from effectively practicing medicine. The America First Legal Foundation was the organization that advocated on these physicians’ behalf.

In addition, only recently, a federal court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, stating that the White House’s reading of the statute was faulty.  Title IX was created to promote and maintain gender equality by unequivocally mandating that biological women compete on an equal footing with biological males.

This is not the first time in 2022 that the transgender agenda has been defeated in the courtroom. Several states have also fought back against the practice of performing sex change procedures and administering hormones to persons under the age of 18.

Many states, like Texas and Florida, have already passed legislation to put an end to these contentious practices, and an increasing number of parents are speaking out against them. In addition, a number of medical professionals have spoken out against the liberal weakness, arguing that such beliefs pose a significant threat to the nation’s children. To make matters worse, much of it is encouraged in academic settings, which is not helpful. However, due to the fact that parents are becoming more active in both the political and social arenas, the situation is becoming far more problematic.

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