Texas Just Sent the D.C Swamp a Curveball

Texas Just Sent the D.C Swamp a Curveball

The United States is becoming more politically divided on a daily basis, something that patriotic Americans saw happening notably during the midterm elections. Conservative strongholds got even more red, such as Florida, Texas, and even Ohio, all of which had big margins of victory for the Republican candidates running for governor.

Voters in these states made their concerns on inflation, crime, and what Kari Lake refers to as “the border invasion” quite plain throughout the election process. The concern is widespread among residents due to the daily influx of thousands of people who breach the border… However, the leaders in Washington D.C. seem to be utterly unaware of the situation.

It is also evident that Abbott, in addition to the individuals who fall under his care, is sick and weary of national leadership that prioritizes the concerns of citizens on the left above those of their border counterparts. In spite of the fact that Texas has made it quite plain that there is a humanitarian catastrophe at the border, the Biden administration is clearly doing virtually nothing to attempt to remedy the situation.

As a result, Abbott has sent three hundred buses to the major blue cities in the hope that those people may have some understanding of the struggles that Texans are facing. He is being investigated for allegedly using the lives of others as pawns in political games. Naturally, the governor had to have been aware that such a baseless claim was going to be made, but he opted to deal with it nevertheless because he believes that resolving the problem at the border is more essential than engaging in political mudslinging.

Because the Biden administration itself sends buses and flights full of migrants to different places around the nation, frequently without giving them any notice, the claim is very hypocritical and ludicrous in and of itself.