Ted Cruz Sends Mitch McConnell Spinning

Ted Cruz Sends Mitch McConnell Spinning

The post-mortem analysis of the 2022 midterm elections has been provided by a large number of political commentators. It is common knowledge that Republicans are dissatisfied with the absence of a “red wave” in the recent congressional elections. Some people, including a significant number of RINOs, have placed responsibility on Donald Trump for the defeats.

However, Ted Cruz does not share this viewpoint. During a recent interview, they said the Republicans blew their opportunity to pick up a significant number of seats in both the House and Senate. However, they failed to take use of this generational chance. And for this, he singles out one individual.

Woah. Ted Cruz lashed out at Mitch McConnell for removing financial support from Blake Masters’ campaign for the Senate. McConnell withdrew $8 million that had been set aside for the contest in Arizona as soon as Masters, a Trump supporter, was confirmed as the nominee for the position.

Cruz criticized McConnell, alleging that the latter did not back Masters because Masters pledged to oppose McConnell’s reelection to the position of Senate majority leader. The senator from Texas made fun of McConnell and mocked him, claiming that he was only backing Democrats as long as he remained in power.McConnell was the target of persistent criticism from Donald Trump, who said that the long-serving Republican was really a RINO.

During the tenure of President Joe Biden, it seemed like Mitch was demonstrating that Trump was correct. Biden’s policies have been disastrous for our economy, but McConnell has been remarkably mute about them.In addition, he did not significantly contribute to the success of the Republican Party during the election. It seemed that his actions would be beneficial to Democrats more so than to Republicans, particularly in Arizona.

There is a perception among Republicans that McConnell is not the friend he portrays himself to be, and this perception seems to be gaining stronger. Since the year 2020, he has given the impression that he is far more inclined to assist Democrats than his own party.

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