Rep Pelosi Was Thwarted by Her Liberal Hometown

Rep Pelosi Was Thwarted by Her Liberal Hometown

The individual who assaulted Paul Pelosi in his mouth was the subject of much discussion among Democrats and members of the mainstream media. Even though the individual was a known communist and had a visa overstay from Canada, they sought to use the event as a reason to target Republicans. This is despite the fact that the man in question was a visa overstay from Canada.

It seems that the failure of the left to enforce immigration law was a contributing factor in the beginning stages of this terrible incident. However, at this point, the Democrats’ continued support for programs that run afoul of federal law may make it impossible for the Pelosis to get justice. Because San Francisco’s sanctuary statute is in effect shielding the attacker, we may say that San Francisco is a sanctuary city.

How absurdly stupid is this? Paul Pelosi, who was 82 years old at the time, could have been murdered by the dangerous criminal DePape. Putting aside the peculiar circumstances that surrounded the occurrence, the Pelosi family should be held accountable for this crime.

However, the exact policies that Nancy Pelosi has vigorously and publicly championed are the ones that are preventing this individual from being brought to justice. Since DePape overstayed his visa, he needs to be turned over to ICE so that he can be deported, if necessary. That does not imply that he will not be tried for the attack that he committed. It only indicates that ICE has authority and ought to be the agency in charge of conducting this investigation.

Instead, District Attorney Brooke Jenkins is shielding the attacker from federal law enforcement authorities in San Francisco. That is really insanely funny. The Democrats’ devotion to their sanctuary policy is so strong that they would assist a person who attempted to assassinate one of their own party members.

You would think the Pelosis would have something to say about it, but they are rather quiet about it. Deporting this individual was absolutely necessary in order to protect their welfare. It is likely that they do not want DePape to face trial and testify under oath regarding this event, given the different tales that we have heard about it.

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