Donald Trump Judge Strikes a Blow Against New York

Donald Trump Judge Strikes a Blow Against New York

We have been keeping track of the ongoing conflict between the Supreme Court and the Democratic-controlled New York state government. A phony gun control statute that banned citizens from obtaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon was knocked down by the nation’s highest court as unconstitutional.

The state then went on to pass an even more stringent rule, virtually outlawing carrying firearms anywhere in the state. This included houses of worship, turning them into potential targets for those with violent intentions. However, a judge who was selected by Trump has recently thwarted the efforts of the left.

Boom! An injunction was granted by the judge with the cool name Sinatra, which blocked a portion of the most recent gun control measure passed in the state. He made it illegal for the state to pass a law that would have prevented citizens from bringing firearms into places of worship.

Democrats said that their proposed bill to restrict access to firearms would make churches safer. Hardly. It is common knowledge that areas designated as gun-free are often targeted by criminals and would-be murderers. They are well aware that law-abiding folks are easy targets.

It seems that this was the goal of the New York Democrats when they passed legislation to prohibit law-abiding persons from carrying weapons inside houses of worship. It may seem strange that Americans are required to carry concealed weapons in places of worship, but doing so is preferable to leaving them open to assault.

The statute restricting guns also included a large number of additional limitations, many of which are now being contested. In reaction to the verdict of the Supreme Court, Democrats in New York have proposed making it even more difficult for Americans to protect themselves. Why are Democrats so adamant about stopping Americans from exercising their right to bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment? It’s not criminals we’re talking about, but rather law-abiding folks with spotless backgrounds who want nothing more than to safeguard their own safety.

The only effect that Democratic measures on gun control have is to deprive Americans of this basic liberty. They have never been successful in preventing criminal activity; just the contrary, in fact. They refuse to acknowledge this fact and instead continue to press for these extreme regulations.

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