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Federal Court Just Ruled on Texas Election Law

Federal Court Just Ruled on Texas Election Law

Every state in the United States has to ensure that its elections are secure if democratic government is going to continue existing there. Nevertheless, Democrats have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent commonsense laws protecting voting integrity from becoming law. Some of their assertions are completely baseless, just like the legislation in Texas itself.

People who registered to vote in Texas using a post office box are subject to a new regulation that requires them to provide documentation that they really live in the state. How can you possibly call a post office building your home when nobody really lives there? Activists contended that the rule stifled the free speech of voters, which prompted a lower court to reject the bill.

Activist groups on the political left filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas, claiming that a law that made perfect sense had a chilling effect on the citizens’ right to free speech. How does asking someone to provide documentation that they physically dwell somewhere stifle their right to free speech?

People are able to register to vote using a post office box rather than their true address if this legislation is not in effect. You can easily picture how some people could take advantage of this loophole to mass-register names at the same post office box for people who do not live in Texas and cannot legally vote.

The only thing this law does is stipulate that a person who is legally qualified to vote in Texas must provide proof that they are a resident of the state. What could possibly be wrong with that? Once more, Democrats fought against a law that does not prevent law-abiding citizens from voting but rather makes it more difficult for individuals to cheat the system.

It’s rather funny how they continue to do that, isn’t it? To be eligible to vote in Texas, an individual must first become a citizen of the United States and then establish residency in the state. However, it would appear that these activist groups desired a loophole in order to allow non-Texans (or possibly non-Americans) to cast their ballots.

Why should any state even consider allowing something like that? To our great relief, a federal judge overturned the injunction handed down by a lower court, which means that the law can now be enforced. In Texas, a person who wishes to register to vote is required to provide evidence that they are a resident of the state.

This is just one illustration of how vigorously Democrats fight to undermine the fundamental integrity of election processes. It would seem that they will not stop working until it is impossible for our states to avoid widespread voting fraud. Will the United States even function as a democratic nation if its citizens do not insist on having these sorts of safeguards?