Elon Musk Just Shook Twitter to Its Core

Elon Musk Just Shook Twitter to Its Core

When free speech advocate Elon Musk acquired control of the social media behemoth Twitter, millions of Americans expressed their joy. The millionaire did not squander any time in making the necessary adjustments. He removed senior executives from their positions after discovering that they were responsible for some of the most severe instances of censorship on the site.

We are aware that he removed the software that allowed lefties to run the website from their control. He is making even more efforts to stop the downward spiral that Twitter is in. Musk has recently taken significant measures to rid the site of the communist poison that has been contaminating it.

This is quite encouraging information. Musk resumed his pattern of dismissing leftist rulers who were censoring conservative users and turning Twitter into a woke wasteland. He did away with the company’s board of directors and became the single director of the business instead.

However, it was only the next stage in the process of rescuing Twitter’s soul. Additionally, he stopped Twitter workers from engaging in their favorite hobby, which was censoring stuff that they didn’t like in order to stifle free expression. Bloomberg reports that the team on Twitter that is misleadingly referred to as Trust and Safety no longer has the authority to punish users.

The group said that they were fighting against misleading information, abusive messages, and hate speech. However, come on. We are aware of the fact that what they were really doing was stifling free and open debate on subjects that they wanted to maintain control over.

Anyone who challenged the dominant narrative of the left on significant issues was either silenced, blocked, or banned. Now, thanks to Musk, this scumbag gang won’t be able to violate the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Anyone who sought to acquire answers from the corporation was either ignored or faced resistance when they did so. It should be only a matter of time until these monsters are also thrown out into the street.

It would seem that Musk is following through on his commitment to change Twitter into a platform that is accessible to all users. If he is successful, it is possible that Twitter may see a surge in new users and excitement. Which may drive other social networks to follow suit, therefore restoring the right to freely express oneself. You now see why Democrats were so against his takeover of the party. They have suffered another defeat.

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