Biden Taxpayer Debacle Hits Washington Swamp

Biden Taxpayer Debacle Hits Washington Swamp

According to the majority of officials, the crisis at the border is still operating at full capacity as illegal migrants continue to rush into the nation. Some people are devising novel strategies to circumvent the law and get entry. Republicans and individuals who lean to the right have leveled accusations against the Biden administration, saying that they are doing little to nothing to tackle the issue.

But there is now a more serious accusation floating around, and that is that the most important institution in the President’s administration is actively advocating for open borders. Since February of this year, officials have caught and released almost 1.4 million illegal border crossers into American communities. These individuals had entered the United States in violation of immigration laws. Some people believe that these historically significant numbers are quite unsettling.

Critics further assert that Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is assisting left-wing organizations in furthering their open borders objective. When they carry illegal immigrants into the interior of the United States, a variety of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) get money from federal contracts. And a good many of these organizations are connected in some way to the push to do away with ICE. During the process of deportation, illegal immigrants are eligible to receive treatment via the Alternatives to Detention (ATD) Case Management Program that was established by Biden.

However, many individuals believe that it is little more than a smokescreen. In practice, all it does is provide money from taxpayers to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other organizations that don’t seem to desire any form of immigration or citizenship rule.
In their letter, the Republican leaders made a special reference to the Church World Service (CWS), an organization that receives funding from the federal government to transport illegal immigrants.

In addition to this, this organization has “been in the vanguard of pro-open border anti-enforcement operations for years, and they have even advocated for “diverting monies away from ICE and CBP enforcement activities.

In practice, this indicates that money from taxpayers is being given to organizations that are against the concept of a safe border. The Senators went on to say that since CWS is now mainly responsible for deciding which local governments or NGOs will be granted sections of the contract, this problematic governance only becomes worse. The current government of President Joe Biden has been accused, and it has been a long time, of neglecting the situation at the border because they do not want to do anything about it.

Because of this, southern states like Texas have been compelled to take decisive action of their own in order to defend their population from the continuous invasion. This is the name that the state of Texas has given to it officially. However, if it turns out that Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is really giving money from taxpayers to organizations that want open borders, it would result in an even greater reaction.

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