Biden Pulls Eye-Opening on the World Stage

Biden Pulls Eye-Opening on the World Stage

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, is one of those people about whom it is difficult to determine if he is speaking the truth at any particular time. The problem is that Joe does not always know who he is.

This individual has accused Mitt Romney of wanting to put African Americans back in chains, and more recently, he has claimed that he attended a historically black college or university. He has done everything in between no, he did not. In fact, he said that inflation had reached its plateau when it continued to rise at a pace that was historically high.

How incredibly upsetting the news must have been for anyone who knew Jamal Khashoggi. Joe Biden has actually come out in support of Prince Mohammed, arguing that the guy’s position as ruler and, most recently, prime minister (it seems as if the man is eating up power in Saudi Arabia) should shield him from any allegations of murder.

The unfortunate reality is that this seems to be consistent with how Biden has operated with regard to the authority of the President. He makes an effort to exploit emergency powers in order to impose medical demands on the people of the United States. He avoids going through Congress in order to cancel more than $500 billion in student loans.

In addition to this, Biden considers everyone who disagrees with him on political issues to be an opponent of democracy. And as if that weren’t enough, he’s laughing off the newly announced investigations into Hunter Biden and the President’s position as “the big man” with his financial transactions in other countries, which is the frosting on the cake.

The individual just behaves as if he is exempt from the norms and obligations that come with the position of President. As does Prince Mohammed, behaves as if he can do everything he sets his mind to. Therefore, it is not surprising that he backs the ruler of Saudi Arabia, whom Joe prostrated himself only weeks before an election in the hopes of convincing them to produce more oil and decrease petrol costs.

We concur with the statement made by Robert Gates, who stated, That he believes he has been incorrect on practically every important foreign policy and national security issue over the last four decades.

But this is embarrassing for Biden in public, as it demonstrates that he is all bark and no bite with regard to foreign leaders. Although he may speak a great game, he is now capitulating to a Middle Eastern leader who is manifestly misusing his position and is demonstrating that he has the capacity to influence the top leader in the United States.

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