GOP Senator Nails Biden with Major Accusation

GOP Senator Nails Biden with Major Accusation

Consequently, Democrats have devoted the last seven years to an attempt to get Donald Trump’s tax returns. They have filed a lawsuit against him, issued subpoenas, and persuaded the Department of Justice to investigate him. They seem to be under the impression that if they can get access to Trump’s tax papers, they would be able to charge him with tax evasion of some kind.

However, they should start their search closer to home. One Republican senator is turning the tables on President Joe Biden as Democrats are busy waging witch hunt after witch investigation against the Republican Party. And he is accusing 45 of the precise thing that Democrats hold against him in an advertisement that he is advertising.

It has been announced that Senator Rick Scott, a Republican, would run an advertisement stating that Joe Biden has committed tax fraud. In particular, the allegation that Biden has failed to pay $500,000 that ought to have been donated to Medicare.
The information that Scott presents comes from stories published in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. It would seem that once Biden departed his position as president, he and his wife established a number of front firms. They routed the profits from the sales of books and talks via the aforementioned businesses.

They were required to pay the entire amount of income tax on their earnings, but they were exempt from paying payroll taxes of 2.9%, which are allocated to Medicare. On the money that is reported to be earnings from these two firms, there is a 9% high-income tax that goes into Obamacare.
With the use of this material, Scott is making the accusation that Biden has avoided paying a substantial amount to Medicare. I have no doubt that President Biden and his thugs at the White House would assert that all of this is well within the law. But is it really?

Is it morally acceptable for a guy like Joe, who has advocated for more expenditure on Medicare as well as greater taxes to pay for it, to avoid paying his own taxes? This individual is a Democrat who is asking for more taxes to be paid by American citizens in order to support social programs such as this one.

Despite this, he went to great lengths to ensure that neither he nor his wife would have to pay these taxes. It seems like a sum of money like that might go a long way toward assisting people, doesn’t it? The question, therefore, becomes: why does Joe Biden refuse to do something that he expects everyone else to do?

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