Clarence Thomas Drops the Hammer in Supreme Court

Clarence Thomas Drops the Hammer in Supreme Court

Arguments are now being heard before the Supreme Court over a case that has the potential to completely revolutionize higher education in the United States. Higher education institutions have, for many years, given racial preference to applicants when making admissions decisions. A policy known as affirmative action is one that provides some applicants with particular privileges due to the fact that they are people of color.

This strategy has resulted in discrimination against students who, under other circumstances, might have been admitted to college. The Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that challenged this practice. One supporter of affirmative action argued in favor of the practice in front of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, stating that it ensured diversity. Thomas received a scathing scolding from the judge when he attempted to define diversity for Thomas.

Woah. Justice Thomas does not agree with Democrats’ use of the phrase diversity, which they often use in order to get their way. The judge said that this term often signifies everything to everyone” and requested that the Solicitor General defend the word use. The greatest argument that Park could come up with was that a group of individuals who are diverse give the “most efficient judgments. In whatever sense that has. It was a rather weak argument, and the judge did not buy it for one second.

However, his attitude was very discouraging to the affirmative action movement. He said that similar arguments were used in order to support segregation, which is the practice of segregating black residents and white citizens from one another. Boom.

Thomas was brave enough to bring up the topic of how the practice of affirmative action is comparable to segregation, which is why he did it. While the proponents of affirmative action insist that it helps people of color, the reality is that it divides Americans according to race or socioeconomic position. It places a value on a person based on their ethnicity or the color of their skin, so eliminating any and all notions of equality that may have existed among Americans.

Despite this, universities have taken advantage of affirmative action for many years since they know it puts them in the good graces of the government. A college that has a large number of students of different races may boast about how diverse it is without having to provide evidence that this is contributing to any positive outcomes. Justice Thomas, who is known for keeping a low profile, just delivered the knockout punch to these plans. And it’s possible that it’ll be over pretty soon.

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