The Red State Just Triggered President Biden

The Red State Just Triggered President Biden

From everything that we have observed regarding the administration of Joe Biden, it is clear that they are not concerned with the protection of our border. It’s possible that this sounds like partisan rhetoric, but in all honesty, what has Biden done to prevent millions of illegal immigrants from flooding our country?

In point of fact, it appears as though Biden is going out of his way to ensure that illegal border crossers have an unobstructed way into the country. States like Texas and Arizona are in a never-ending battle with the administration, which will do anything to keep the border unlocked and unprotected. The governor of Arizona came up with an ingenious plan to prevent illegal immigration and created a barrier.

Is Joe Biden the President of the United States of America or Mexico? We have a responsibility to inquire about this matter because it would appear that everything this administration does is geared toward the advantage of non-Americans and the detriment of Americans. In reality, Biden is accusing the state of Arizona of committing trespassing by erecting a barrier along the border.

That is so full of irony. It doesn’t bother Biden one bit that millions of foreigners are illegally occupying territory that belongs to the United States right now. They disregarded our laws regarding immigration and crossed the border illegally in order to enter the country. Despite this, Biden does nothing to remove them from the country or deport them to their country of origin.

But Biden loses his cool when Governor Ducey places a few shipping containers along the Arizona border in an effort to prevent drug cartels and human traffickers from entering the state.Who does Biden’s loyalty really lie with? It is necessary for us to inquire about this matter because nothing he has done since January 2021 has in fact been of assistance to the American people. The duty of protecting the people of Arizona and defending the state’s border falls on the governor of Arizona.

That is a significant step up from what Biden has accomplished. Even COVID relief funds have been used by him to transport migrants to states in the Midwest. He is going out of his way to reward criminals while simultaneously putting the safety of the American people in jeopardy.

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