Joe Biden Turns Heads Across Nation with White House Gesture

Joe Biden Turns Heads Across Nation with White House Gesture

We are well aware that Joe Biden is being managed by the personnel in the White House where he works. We have witnessed far too many instances in which his people have ensured that the president did not say or do anything that would make him appear unfavorably. However, the majority of the time they are unsuccessful.

How badly have they been unsuccessful? However, the majority of Americans do not have much faith in Joe. Many people are under the impression that he is experiencing mental degeneration. However, considering that important elections are only a few days away, the White House is ratcheting up its efforts to hide the public from Biden’s idiotic statements.

Biden, as is his custom, sat and gazed at the media while simultaneously declining to answer even a single question. According to the account of one reporter, staff members at the White House were yelling at reporters in order to prevent Joe from hearing their queries. In fact, that is not even the first time that they have done anything like that!

Joe makes fun of the media despite the fact that he has been instructed to avoid answering any questions. Biden has a long history of expressing disrespect for journalists who truly challenge him with serious questions, and this behavior continues now. However, at this point, he has been instructed by his handlers in the White House not to say anything in order to avoid embarrassing himself.

In spite of everything that has been said about Donald Trump, he has never been afraid of the media. Even the dishonest and liberal media, which he often stayed longer with to answer all of their questions, he was willing to tolerate. He was firm with them, but he never simply sat there making faces like a crazed old man or woman. He was severe on them.

The general public in the United States has a negative view of the mainstream media. Because of years of biased reporting, the media has brought this upon themselves. But what Joe is doing in this situation is completely unpatriotic. The right to freedom of expression is safeguarded by the First Amendment. Furthermore, the White House ought to be the first institution to respect and support the independence of the press.

Instead, Biden is coming seen as more and more authoritarian, refusing to answer questions from either the media or the general people. And while he is doing it, he makes fun of us.

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